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Since its launch in 1990, the GSA Design Awards has continually raised the bar for public buildings. The U.S. General Services Administration strives for excellence in every aspect of architecture and construction; by paying tribute to GSA’s best current work in architecture, engineering, historic preservation, workplace design, and related disciplines, the awards program establishes future standards for all federal workplaces. 

Our leadership deeply impacts the lives of public servants and everyday Americans alike. From inner-city neighborhoods to the farthest reaches of America’s borders, GSA Design Awards winners have prompted economic investment in local communities. They also have proven the market readiness of green technologies, enhanced civic participation, and nourished young people’s interest in art. 

As benchmarks of quality for the entire built environment, GSA Design Awards honorees match visual expression to superior performance. These projects are powerful symbols of democracy, which inspires citizens’ confidence in the federal government—and amplifies public buildings’ economic, social, and ecological benefits in turn. 

It is therefore a privilege to invite you to enter the 2016 GSA Design Awards. You are not only participating in a 25-year legacy of assessment and celebration, but also in a dialogue about the many meanings of sustainability. I look forward to seeing your entries, and to watching them catalyze positive change well beyond 2016.

Denise Turner Roth
U.S. General Services Administration