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GSA believes that federal buildings throughout our country should reflect our values of service excellence and effective delivery for the American people. High-quality public buildings are a part of this value set, and I am thrilled to reintroduce the GSA Design Awards with this call for submissions in 2022.

Through this awards program, we honor top professionals who leverage their expertise to advance federal ideals while also incorporating bold and innovative approaches to construction, engineering, architecture, preservation, urban design, art, and other areas. These leaders help GSA foster real, human connections in the thousands of new and existing buildings we oversee. They help us energize the civil servants and contractors who work in those spaces each day. They help us welcome the taxpayers who come to those locations in a moment of need. They help us inspire the visitors who pass by a federal building or glimpse a work of public art. In all these situations, we have the opportunity to deepen understanding of and trust in government.

The winners of the GSA Design Awards help tell the story of how the government can deliver effectively and efficiently for the millions of people we serve, while also understanding the responsibility of federal spaces to serve as vibrant sources of pride in their local communities. I look forward to congratulating the winners, from the urban planner who talks with local citizens to ensure a project’s equity and accessibility to the commissioned artist whose installation inspires a young American to pursue their own dreams—and everyone in between. Thank you in advance for entering the 2022 GSA Design Awards, and for spreading the word.

Robin Carnahan
U.S. General Services Administration