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Entries will be submitted and reviewed online. Entrants will need to create an account to use the online system. You can save your entries as you progress through the submission, so that you can leave it at any time. When you are ready to submit, click Save and Finalize

If you wish to enter the same project in more than one category, submit entries tailored to each category. Entries should not simply duplicate information.

The submission process has two sections. After you enter the basic project information, please provide additional narratives as well as images. You will not be able to submit the entry until you have completed all the required fields; upon completion, the portal will make a “finalize” button available. You will receive an email confirmation when your submission is received.

The system will prompt you for the following information:

  • User profile (i.e., entrant’s contact information)
  • Basic information about the project
  • Executive summary (100 words max) describing the project and the reasons it merits consideration for an award
  • Narrative summarizing the project, which addresses its purpose, results, and significance to the federal workforce and American people. Narratives typically range between 600–1,500 words, and entrants may employ prose or bulleted text as they see fit.
  • New precedents (no more than five bullets) that future GSA projects might emulate
  • At least 10, but no more than 20, high-resolution TIFF images of the project
  • Signed copyright release form GSA may request additional materials from award winners for publicity and exhibition purposes. All entry materials become the property of GSA and may be used to publicize the GSA Design Awards and other GSA activities.

All submissions are due by 5:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time on August 22, 2022.